“He is The Vine” (John 15 1-6)

Rock of Ages Chapel Annex - McMinnville , OR July 2011

Custom Iron work and cast glass

Two arched windows each 9’ Tall x 5’ wide

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“He is The Vine” (John 15 1-6) is a commission for the Rock of Ages Chapel annex. The client originally wanted stained glass windows with a grape vine theme. Not wanting to obstruct the beautiful view I suggested that we try something what worked better with the light and space. I individually cast glass grape clusters slightly larger than life size and glass leaves that are attached to hand forged metal vines.  The glass elements have just enough color density so that they glow in the transmitted daylight and sparkle at night with the rooms reflected light. Two arched windows each 9’ Tall x 5’ wide.
Iron Mike at Colton Iron Works is the blacksmith who made the vines from my drawings. We cast each glass leaf in a special mold then bent them in a kiln to add dimension. The grape clusters are cast glass slightly larger than life size.