Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, I'm only as good as my last commission.


Seeing what other won't, capturing what others can't.

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“I love paradoxes and possibilities - embracing the juxtaposition of contrasting elements. Like the patterns of an oriental carpet I juggle the geometric and biomorphic. The fractal rhythms of a tree branch and the ordered patterns of giant power poles marching across the landscape all find their way into my work. My challenge is to continue to find my own sense of aesthetic and beauty in all that is around me.  

I love glass. It is a soft fluid malleable material when it is molten and a hard sharp rigid material when is it cold.  It is a mere lens to manipulate light yet it can be a portal into your soul. As a vitreous substance – it has no orderly crystalline structure, no melting or freezing point, it is unique, an anomaly. It is not like the other materials we live with day in and day out.

It is a connection to the ancients. The Egyptians showed me how to speak in glass. I talk to glass and it talks back. We have had this dialog for almost 40 years. It is just now starting to made sense. My love affair is as much with the process and the interaction as it is with the results for it is that act of creation that serves as the conduit to the special place.”

About Gil Reynolds

Art is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change in me and my clients. Art glass captures what the human eye leaves behind and words can not express. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When you see my art, I think you'll agree.

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Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.

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