In July of 2016, a couple of my multi-talented glass students talked me into painting Plein Air as part of the local Lavender Festival. Why not? I gave it a try, but my cheap colored sticks on newsprint didn’t look very good. I was kindly informed that I really need some descent pastels and it was suggested that I try sanded pastel paper. Oh my! There is a difference!!! I was hooked. I often tell my students that they should go home and make 100 glass tiles. It is a great way to develop your skills quickly. Following my own advice, I am actively cranking out the pastels, taking classes, reading Richard Schmid’s “Alla Prima” (a must read for any artist) looking at Youtubes and drawing, drawing, drawing. I have been doing a lot of experimenting with different pastels and techniques and have come up with my own bonded glass powders drawing surface. Here is what I’ve got so far. Enjoy

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